Come with us to Hamburg!

Exhibition – Wintershall’s tracks in Vaca Muerta, Argentina


Opening event
June 1st 19:00

What does Vaca Muerta have to do with me? – movement workshop that makes connection physically perceptible. // Movement workshop
June 2nd 14:00-16:00 (DE & EN)

Paths of Power: Colonial Relations in Coal Mining and Energy Transition Projects in Colombia – La Guajira // Presentation
June 5th 18:00 (EN + DE&ES translation)

Fracking Gas: Do we actually need it? Opportunities, risks and it’s role in German energy transmission // Presentation
June 7th 19:00-21:00 (DE + EN&ES translation)

Did you always want to… decide about the future of natural gas in Germany? // Interactive workshop for people between 16 and 18
June 12th 17:00-19:00 (DE)

Two outstanding guests will be joining us: Fernanda Herrera, activist and social worker from Mendoza. She has been working tirelessly for years in the areas affected by fracking and is well connected both locally and globally. Maristella Svampa, renowned sociologist and author, researcher for CONICET and currently a visiting professor in Kassel. Argentina experienced a decade of left-wing governments after the financial crisis of 2001. As early as 2015, Macri ushered in a neoliberal turn – state-owned companies were sold off and social policy was cut back. Javier Milei took this trend one step further at the end of last year. He bypassed parliament in an attempt to abolish hundreds of laws to protect workers and the environment. But what is the current situation in Argentina – and especially in Vaca Muerta and the areas affected by fracking? This and more will be discussed by our very special guests.

Milei comes to Hamburg? Us too! // Demonstration
June 22nd all day (translation as needed)

Closing event & soli-party
June 28th from 15:00


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